Ceri is the Goddess of Chaos. Daughter of Dulvan and Minara she is one of the Original Gods. Ceri created the Humans after watching her father create the Dwaves and her mother create the Elves. Ceri did not yet fully understand the process of creation and failed to bind their life force with the world as her parents had done with the other races. As a result, Humans had significantly shorter life spans and lacked the regard for the world that the other races shared.

Ceri revels in Chaos, but she is not evil (a misconception that has led to many confrontations). Some followers of Ceri commit terrible acts in her name which only furthers this belief, but true believers will only act to further chaos: seeking to change the status-quo no matter what it may be.

Ceri is Chaotic Neutral
Ceri’s Domains are: Chaos, Destruction, *Luck, Madness, and Trickery
Ceri’s favorite weapon is the Bastard Sword
Ceri’s Holy Symbol is the Chaos Bolt:
Ceris chaos bolt

*Followers of Ceri who chose the Luck domain may use it as written, or my use it to cause bad luck (effectively the opposite effect with a will save DC = 10 + Wis Mod + 1/2 cleric level) They do not have to choose which one, they have access to both versions and may choose which one to use in any given circumstance.


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