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  • Rit Tigs (Deceased)

    Rit Tigs is a Chaotic Neutral Halfling primarilly interested in making money. He uses his tracking skills to find and colect bounties. Primarily using his Light Crossbow, Rit tries to stay out of the fight.

  • Errwihn Osis

    He was adopted at a young age, by a man named Professor Ehgra Osis. He was raised in a university, the very same one his adopted family lived and worked. Trained as a wizard, he specialist in conjuration and summing spells, in the tradition of the Osis …

  • Tyranis Kor

    A travleing monk who encountered the party shortly after the untimely demise of [[:rit-tigs | Rit Tigs]]

  • Novik D'Vorci-Ry'Eth

    Born 1762 in Virginia to German Immigrants, Novik grew up with stories of Alshan and Del Varitas from Master Dorian. One night, tasked with protecting the Sacred Urn, Novik paces back and forth retelling the old stories in his head waving his hands and …

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