Darkness Falls

New Friends, New Enemies

Our heroes are escorted to a ship waiting to sail to Del Gorim. On board already is an elven scholar on sabbatical who introduces himself as Errwihn Osis. Rit Tigs and Neyvin Tilweyn befriend Errwihn durring the journey to Del Gorim.

1 week out of Del Gorim, the ship was boarded by sea faring creatures that spoke an ancient dialect of Draconic. Errwihn parlayed with the creatures, at first speaking in the common tongue, which proved fruitless. Once the celestial tongue was spoken, the leader of these odd ell/shark/humanoid creatures took notice of Errwihn, and returned the conversation in an ancient draconian language, asking for Errwihn’s identity. Barely able to understand, Errwihn stated his profession. Upon further prompting, Errwihn stated his own name (with pride). At the mention of Errwihn’s name, the leader smiled, and ordered the attack on the crew. After slaying 3 of the creatures and driving the others into the sea Errwihn examined them closely and determined that they were Bound creatures. He relayed this information to the captain who requested a message spell be sent to a Captain Selayis asking for a meeting at a set of predefined coordinates. The ship altered its course and a few days later was one of 7 set off shore from an uncharted island.

The party decided not to go with the captain, who returned later that day and instructed his men to wait until dawn to set sail. By morning all the other ships were gone. The ship reached Del Gorim without any further excitement.

Once in Del Gorim Errwihn rented a room at one of the dockside merchant inns, and requested that his new friends Rit and Neyvin accompany him on his latest escapade. He revealed his intent to go after the treasure of Diamitriis, and requested that they accompany him to Crying Oak Books to attempt to decipher the epic poem. After pouring over the poem for the better part of the day the party had determined 4 possible locations for the treasure: Krishnar Pass, the location of the battle in which Diamitriis died; The ruins of Diamitriis’ home town; The location of the war camp where Diamitriis raised his army; and The secret island base (marked in the middle of the ocean – possibly a translation error, or an island that is no longer in existence.)

For economic reasons, the party decided to purchase a wagon and 2 oxen and proceed overland to the first of their various destinations. On the trail the party was ambushed by Orcs, a brief, but exciting battle. The battle was dangerous for the wizard, but the cleric and the ranger held their ground like heroes. The oxen were pulling the wagon up the mountain road as fast as they could, and the orcs were running along side, slashing and jabbing into the wagon’s cloth covering, hoping to slice anyone they could. Errwihn summoned two celestial fire beetles, and upon witnessing a beetle take a massive hit and survive, he exclaimed, “Fear the beetles!” in his most fearsome orcish accent. The orcs did indeed become scared, and nearly half of them fled from Errwihn’s mighty fire beetles. Ultimately, the companions left 4 orcs dead and the others scared off. Searching the bodies, the party came across an Obsidian Figurine.

Upon reaching the village of Ovan, the party immediately realized that something was amiss. The villagers seemed to be wandering around aimlessly, though no obvious reason for their confusion could be found. Once in the village, Rit began looting the various places of business while Errwhin tried to identify the source of the villager’s condition. After careful consideration Errwhin determined it was more forbidden magic, the powerful Mind Blast spell. He sent a message to the university asking for instructions. The university instructed him to visit with UlCyrus Rivin in Varitas. Gathering the mindless villagers (in order to escort them to safety, and to seek help for the hapless folk), the party set out across the swamps towards Varitas.

Once in Varitas, Rit went to various temples to see if any of them were interested in purchasing the Obsidian Figurine. One dwarven Cleric at the Temple of Dulvan seemed particularly interested in the figure, but attempted to hide his interest in it and refused to pay more than 10 gold for it. This sparked Rit’s interest and he decided to search for an historian who might be able to tell him why the dwarf would be interested, but unwilling to pay for the figure.

Meanwhile, Errwhin was speaking with UlCyrus about the town of Ovan. UlCyrus gave him a scroll to use at the town, that would help him identify the source of the magic and help him track down the dark mage responsible. Meanwhile, UlCyrus would stay and work on restoring the villager’s blasted minds. Rit’s search for a historian led the party to the home of Scutt Tinderslaph, the gnomish alchemist, who lives on the outskirts of town. Scutt was at first reluctant to speak with the party, but at the mention of the words “Obsidian Figurine” and “Dulvan”, he opened his door to get a better look. He immediately recognized it as a unique key, that would open a single dwarven vault from the era before the other races were created. There were 16 vaults known to exist, each with their own unique key. To date only 2 have ever been found. He placed the street value of the figure at approximately 11 Gold 6 Silver 3 Copper and 1 blade of grass. Rit thanked him for the information, and handed him a single gold coin. Scutt took the coin greedily, bit into it to test its purity, and then tossed it into a bubbling cauldron at the far side of his home. The party left as he closed and locked his door.

The party then traveled back to Ovan, where Errwihn used the scroll that UlCyrus had given him. The spell took shape, showing large glowing green circles where the forbidden magic had been cast, with smaller green circles following the footsteps of the mage as he walked around town. Slowly, each step and each casting of the spell were revealed to the companion’s eyes. A pattern or order to the castings could not be determined, but upon discussion the group suspected either random targets, or a well educated mage taking out the best targets first. The spell ended with an elabotrate, giant arrow pointing exactly northward, indicating that their quarry headed into the swamps. Leaving the wagon and oxen behind, the party followed Rit, and with his excellent skill in tracking, he led them through the swamp after their quarry. It was two days through the swampy waters before they reached dry land. In the distance they could make out a large stone carving of a bird. As they came closer they discovered that the bird statue was protecting the entrance to a small cave, by means of a magical barrier around the entrance. The barrier seemed to emanate from the statue’s eyes. After some trial and error, Rit finally disabled the statue by covering its eyes with his large tent.

The party entered the cave and began searching. Errwihn noticed a small groove that didn’t make sense from a dungeoneering perspective, and at his prompting Rit was able to figure out how to open the secret door nearby. The party decided to follow the secret passage, even though the trail left by the dark mage clearly led further down the main passageway. At the base of a large spiral ramp they heard a creature breathing heavily. Rit snuck forward carefully, and saw a massive Bound creature sleeping in a widened part of the tunnel. Rit decided to sneak up on the creature and kill it before it could fight back, but tripped an alarm spell before he could get close enough. The screeching alarm spell woke the creature, which immediately started to fight viciously, nearly killing Rit several times. Through cooperation and teamwork, they managed to fell the beast. Upon searching its lair, they found that it was actually a rudimentary prison for a single prisoner. Rit cut open the creature to see if there was anything of value, and found 3 jet black pearls. Closer examination revealed them to be Pearls of Power. Finding nothing else of interest in the prison, the party ascended the passage and continued their search for the Dark Mage. They ultimately found only an empty ritual room and evidence that the mage had recently made his escape. Within the room was multiple elaborate arcane patterns, with ancient and powerful symbols engraved around the room. It looked perfect for any ritual casting any mage could think of. From the looks of the tracks, the mage walked to this room to teleport away. Errwihn copied three of the arcane symbols, the only three which were unfamiliar to him (he later discovered that he only copied one of the symbols correctly). After some thought of destroying the ritual circle, Errwihn contacted UlCyrus via a message spell, and was instructed to destroy the circle and the symbols, to prevent the dark mage from using this chamber again, as well as collect the candles and anything else he could. Errwihn transcribed necessary destruction symbols over the more ancient symbols and the ritual circle, and ended this caverns use of magic for some time.

Once the task was complete, the group traveled back to the Village of Ovan, and retrieved the wagon and oxen. They then traveled back to Veritas, where Errwihn brought the items from the cavern’s ritual room to UlCyrus.

Darkness Falls
The Beginning

Rit Tigs and his recently hired companion, Neyvin Tilweyn, were relaxing at the Emerald Dragon Inn when a mysterious stranger entered and offered to buy everyone in the place dinner if they would listen to a business proposition. Never one to turn down a free meal, Rit agreed.

The stranger introduced himself as Quistis Burnhilt and explained that he worked for the king. He told the group that they needed a problem handled discreetly; a hedge wizard was causing increasing numbers of animals to drag civilians into the sewers. He offered 10 gold up front and 100 gold each on completion if they were able to kill the wizard and bring his head as proof.

Out of money, Rit and Neyvin agreed. Shortly after striking the deal they were attacked by a group of skeletal rats, which they dispatched with ease. The following morning they set out into the sewers where they encountered several more groups of rats, both living and un-dead, and a few other unpleasant residents. Neyvin was severely wounded on more than one occasion, keeping the party from reaching their goal for several days. Deep in the sewers they met a wererat sitting on a throne of bone and wearing a fancy purple cloak with silver symbols set into it. He introduced himself as a King, and asked about the group’s purpose. Rit told the creature that Quistis Burnhilt had offered to pay them 200 gold each to slay the hedge wizard responsible for the attacks. The rat laughed and offered double that amount to instead kill Quistis. Rit refused because the rat did not have the money on him.
After a fierce battle, Neyvin lay unconscious on the ground and the Rat was dead. Picking up the cloak and rapier the rat had used in the battle and taking his head as proof, Rit hastily retreated from the sewers and to the safety of an inn unaware that the cloak was in fact a symbol of royalty. Several people suspicious of a Halfling royal called the guards who arrested Rit and Neyvin for impersonating royalty.

Upon searching their belongings the guards discovered the head of the wererat and immediately recognized it as that of Prince Delvorin: 2nd in line for the throne. Rit told them that he was acting on the orders of Quistis Burnhilt. The guards went and found Quistis who recognized them. The group explained what had happened while under the effects of a zone of truth. Quistis agreed that the Prince had to be killed, but also that the Prince’s killers could not remain in Mournhold. Quistis confiscated all of the Prince’s belongings including the rapier (which was determined to be magical) and cloak, then deducting the cost of passage from their promised reward and instructed the guards to escort the party to the docks and put them on the first ship towards Del Gorim.


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