Dragon Tongue

Kinslayers Matching Dagger

weapon (melee)

This ruby hilted dagger is the matched pair to Kinslayer. It functions as a +1 dagger, but in the hands of a true believer of Diamitriis it also grants the “Fate” characteristic, allowing the wielder to re-roll up to 5 attacks, saves, or skills per week.


Wielded by Diamitriis during the Elven Rebellion, this dagger was credited with saving his life several times during the war. On three different occasions it is said to have deflected or blocked arrows that were otherwise bound for his heart. Durring the battle for Krishnar Keep Diamitriis lost his grip on the blade in the midst of a fierce struggle with three elven generals; the blade was flung into the air and disappeared from sight. The sword that ultimately pierced his heart would probably have been deflected by the dagger if he had still wielded it.

After the battle the blade was found buried deep in the head of a dead dragon (hence its name) which had landed on top of Duru Ghrast, the most skilled elven dragon rider. Weather the blade went straight from Diamitriis hand to the eye of the dragon, or if some other lucky warrior found it and used it to fell the greatest threat to the humans is still a topic of great and heated debates.

Dragon Tongue

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