Errwihn Osis

Wizard of the Creation Path


Errwihn Osis, adopted son of the Osis family.
University Mage, Wizard of the Creation School (level 7)
Scholar of Ruins


He was adopted at a young age, by a man named Professor Ehgra Osis. He was raised in a university, the very same one his adopted family lived and worked. Trained as a wizard, he specialist in conjuration and summing spells, in the tradition of the Osis family. He has spent much of his youth exploring the countryside, delving into old ruins, caverns, abandoned buildings, and more; he absolutely loved it. He’s always believed that growing up in Mournhold was a blessing, and especially so living at the university. He is an excellent linguist, having mastered 8 spoken languages and 5 written languages. He knows nothing of what it means to be an elf, having been raised by humans, except what he has read in books. Even though he’s an elf, he’s never really shown interest in adapting himself to his racial ideals. He’s perfectly happy with who he is.

The hardest emotional challenge he ever had to overcome was the death of his parents and their descendants. As an elf, he has barely reached adulthood at 110 years old. He’s watched his adopted parent’s grandchildren grow old and die. However, he remains very loyal to the family, considering every true offspring of his adopted family to be his own sibling. Due to his masterful skill as a linguist, he has held a teaching position at the university for the past 20 years, teaching elementary levels of the various languages. He spends his free time studying geological maps, history, customs of the cultures of the world, any maps he can get a hold of that have anything to do with underground structures or old abandoned buildings (some of which were new the last time he visited), and – of course – arcana and spellcraft. He is also mildly adept in alchemy.

As for why he’s on a ship headed for the main land? He’s on sabbatical, and he has decided to finally go see some of the world beyond his homeland on the island. First stop: Del Gorim.

Errwihn Osis

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