Brynn Nyvins

A short battered fellow who deins that violence is not the path of the righteous


Neutral Good Halfling
Paladin 7 (Hospitaler APG)
Favored Class (Paladin: Halfling Variant APG)
Initiative: 2
Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling, Celestial, Kryperoth Sign

HP 69
Fort 15, Ref 11, Will 12 (+2 on illusions)
Str 8 -1
Dex 15 2
Con 16 3
Int 14 2
Wis 10 0
Cha 20 (22) 5 (6)

Speed 20 ft.
Melee Weapons: Silver Morningstar
Ranged Weapons: Masterwork Slingstick
Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft
Base Attack 7
Childlike, Greater Mercy, Selective Channeling, Leadership
Traits: Keeper of the Veil, Without a Past
Features: Small, Halfling Luck, Keen Senses, Practicality
Abilities: Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 2/Day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Mercy (Sickened) (Diseased), Channel Energy, Divine Bond (Mount)

Lay on Hands (1/2 Paladin level + CHA + 2/day):
9: 3d6+3 (4d6+3 if no condition is healed)

Channel Energy (3 + CHA/day):
9: 2d6+3

Spells (SL/ per day):

total/ ranks

18/7 Bluff
16/6 Diplomacy
12/2 Disguise
5/2 Heal
6/1 Knowledge (Religion)
7/2 Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)
7/1 Linguistics (forgery)
9/4 Ride
6/3 Sense Motive

Mithral Breastplate, Heavy Steel Shield, Silver morningstar, MWK sling, traveling gear, exotic riding saddle, MWK backpack, amulet of Iao, Ring of Waterwalking, Ring of One Command, Ring of Speak with animals (2 charges), 120 platinum, boots of striding and springing

Thanandar Kryperoth of Mournhold, Young Elf Master
Karel Meansen, Human Urchin

Other Characters With Brynn:
Kraag (Kadrinell Mount Companion)
Senses: Low Light Vision, Scent
Initiative: 4
Languages: Elven

HP 58
Fort 8, Ref 9, Will 3
Str 22
Dex 18
Con 17
Int 6
Wis 12
Cha 6

Speed 40ft (30 ft.)
Melee Weapons: Bite (1d6+3), 2 Claws (1d4+6), 2 Rake (1d4+6)
Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft
Natural Armor 6
Base Attack 4
Armor Proficiency (light),
Abilities: Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Devotion

total/ ranks
8/1 Acrobatics* (Dex)
10/1 Climb* (Str)
5/1 Perception* (Wis)
8/1 Stealth* (Dex)
10/1 Swim* (Str)
/1 Linguistics


Growing up near Mendelstine with only a few others of his race, Brynn was more familiar with the human children near his age. This being so, he was a target for many of the bigger kids because he was small, even for a Halfling. Beaten at least twice a week, he turned prayers to Iao to keep him healthy even while his injuries oozed under tattered sheets. Only once did he strike back, tired of being picked on, and that only led to the rest of the kids joining in the punishment with the first. Convinced that violence begets violence, Brynn vowed never to strike any living creature, unless he was required to preserve someone else’s life after all options had been exhausted. Iao heard his promise and visited him in his dreams, a bond between a goddess and her believer began, and Brynn would be there to help the hurt and tend to the sick. Once he was old enough to leave, he did, abandoning the life of beatings and torment, traveling out and about to help in the towns he frequented, no real goal in mind except to ease other people’s pain.

Now known as Little Master Kryperoth in Maran, Brynn, now Thanandar Kryperoth, young Lord and little brother to the Elf Lord Kryperoth has a dream of grandeur. He requires a large stage be set, but he believes that over time, a new family can be established, led by his Elf friend if he so wishes. This family will have so much renown that all noblemen will seek their favor. Also in the works is the design for a clan “family” of personal guards and servant. Starting with Novik D’Vorci and taking his name as the clan insistence, Brynn has woven the start of his masterpiece tapestry in history. His dream is to have the Kryperoth family exist with their Keep in Mournhold, and the D’Vorci-Ry’Eth bodyguards be so esteemed that they will become legends themselves, and so Brynn will handpick the original clan members with Novik’s help, and they will prosper.

Brynn Nyvins

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