Darkness Falls

The End of "R"it All

First Blood

UlCyrus Rivin Requested that the party stop by Edgewood on their way to Krishnar Pass to check on the villagers as it had been several days since he had heard anything from there. The party agreed as it only added 3 days to their journey. Upon arrival they discovered two mages and a small band of hobgoblin mercenaries interrogating a few villagers about the location of the “Spear of Ristor”. Errwihn Osis recognized the name of the spear and remembered that there was some mention of the spear being brought to Krishnar Pass shortly after being stored in Edgewood. The party made their presence known, and the mages questioned them about what they knew. Errwihn told them what he knew about the spear, and the head mage then instructed his apprentice to “wipe them or kill them” and used the forbidden spell Lacerate on one of the villagers they had been interrogating. Before the party could react he then teleported away, leaving them to deal with the hobgoblins and his apprentice.

After a fierce battle which nearly killed them all, the party discovered 20 villagers who had been infected with a strange plague (most likely caused by forbidden magic). Neyvin Tilweyn examined them and determined that, while incredibly swift (the villagers most likely had less than a day to live), the disease did not appear to be contagious. After communicating their findings with UlCyrus, the party was instructed to burn the village and all the inhabitants. Errwihn decided to make the villagers comfortable until they passed normally and only then to burn the town. Taking turns, the party tended to the villagers as they slowly perished throughout the night. Early the next morning the villagers rose from their beds and attacked the party. Several blasts of concentrated positive energy from Neyvin, and a good deal of fire from Errwhin’s lamp laid them to rest permanently. During the battle Errwhin was infected with the same disease that had killed the villagers. Leaving Rit Tigs to (loot and) burn the village Errwhin and Neyvin gathered a few horses and prepared to ride as fast as possible back to Varitas in the hopes that UlCyrus would be able to cure him before he too succumbed to the disease. On the way, Errwhin prayed to Thilas asking for the disease to be slowed long enough for him to get help. Thilas answered his prayer and cured him completely, but took the opportunity to task him with finding and stopping the dark mages behind the recent troubles.

No longer needing to race back to Varitas, Errwhin and Neyvin went back to meet up with Rit and the party continued on to Krishnar Pass. While traveling through the pass the party encountered a hill giant who refused to let them pass. After several attempts to negotiate and or sneak past, the party gave up and confronted the Giant. A short battle ensued and the party emerged victorious. A search of the giant’s campsite led to the discovery of a hidden underground passageway, which the party decided to explore. The passage came to a T a short distance in, and obeying Errwhin’s dungeon delving rule of “always go left first” the party found their way to a long stone bridge crossing over a deep chasm.

Tossing a rock over the edge revealed that the chasm was deep enough to keep the sound of it hitting the bottom from reaching them. Concerned about the sound of “breathing” below them, the party moved across quickly. They came to a large stone wall with no doors, levers, or any other markings. The bridge appeared to be a bridge to nowhere. Rit searched for secret doors or hidden nooks, but found nothing. Errwhin came over to look, and his keen elven senses immediately detected the presence of magic. Using his limited knowledge of the school of illusion he was able to breach the magic and pass through the wall, leading the rest of the party through after him. On the other side they came to a magically trapped door. Unable to bypass or disable the trap, the party decided to simply open the door and hope for the best. The trap triggered a magical wall of force to begin pushing them slowly back towards the chasm and bridge. They also noticed another wall; angled so as to push them off the edge of the bridge should they reach it. Trapped with no obvious way out, Rit jumped off the side and attempted to grab the edge of the bridge and wait for the wall to pass over head. Regrettably he misjudged the distance and was unable to get a hand hold. The party watched in horror as Rit Tigs plummeted to his death. With time running out for the party, Errwhin reached into his repertoire of spells and used the only one he thought might help. Casting a web between the bridge and the far wall, he created a hammock of safety which He and Neyvin jumped into to wait out the wall.

After the wall passed over them, they struggled out of the web and proceeded through the door. On the other side was only a single room, filled floor to ceiling with books. Errwhin noticed that some of the books were magically chained to the shelves, and others contained runes from languages he had never seen before. Excitement got the best of him, and he climbed to the top where he saw a few spell books. Reading through them he discovered several powerful spells, and many forbidden spells. Whoever owned this room was a powerful dark mage. While Errwhin was looking through the spell books, Neyvin searched the remainder of the room for useful information. She discovered three different versions of “The ballad of Diamitriis” one of which revealed a different location for Orisetia. The party decided that it was too dangerous to remain in the room for long, as they would be unable to defend themselves if the owner returned. They took the three books Neyvin found and retreated back to the entrance of the passage. As they prepared to leave, curiosity got the best of Errwhin. Reasoning that while part of the same passage, it was going in the opposite direction, and that therefore the owner of the reading room would likely ignore it, Errwhin and Neyvin set off down the other side of the passage. They first discovered a group of rooms, each one basically the same: a 20 foot by 20 foot room with a bed; a small cooking area; a bookshelf full of children’s stories and picture books; and an unlocked chest with bits of granite or quartz and other assorted “junk”. Further along the passage they came to a small room with 4 guards, they could make out a cage of some kind on the far wall but as they were mostly defenseless with Rit gone, they quietly left without confronting the guards.

Down a long side passage they heard singing, and upon investigating they discovered a hideously deformed female dwarf singing by a fire. A brief conversation in broken elven ensued. She gave her name as Neviya. Errwhin recognized the name; the queen of the dwarves during the elven insurrection was named Neviya. She ordered the dwarves to retreat to their caves and seal them off. After Diamitriis helped the humans defeat his elven brethren, The humans broke into the dwarven caves and captured Neviya. Mages cursed and then banished her. Closer examination of the fire revealed that it was magical in nature, and seemed to be binding Neviya to the cave. Errwhin found it hard to believe that Neviya could have survived the centuries since her banishment, but conceded that it was possible for magic to have played a role in keeping her alive. The party decided to leave her there until more information could be gathered. They then retreated to a small campsite about an hour’s travel from the cave to rest before exploring the final passageway.

The following morning The party explored the only remaining passage way. It was a long sloping tunnel which lead to a circular room filled with statues. There were 3 groups of 3 statues. The first were clad in Emerald and pointed spears towards the center of the room. The second were clad in ruby and pointed swords toward the center. The third group, located closest to the entrance of the room, were clad in sapphire and pointed bows towards the center. The pattern seemed familiar to Errwhin, and after examining everything closely he remembered that it was one of the three patterns found in the dark mages hide out in the swamp (see the final part of New Friends, New Enemies). Stepping cautiously into the room Errwhin recognized that the sapphire statues boosted conjuration spells cast within their triangle of influence. The other two triangles also boosted certain schools, though Errwhin was unable to determine which ones. The increase to his already powerful Conjuration spells gave Errwhin the confidence to attempt taking on the guards they had seen the previous day.

Errwhin approached the guards, and attempted to converse with them. Similar in appearance to the dwarf claiming to be Neviya, they spoke in broken dwarven and did not appear to know any other languages. After a brief, fruitless conversation, the guards pursued Errwhin down the hallway towards the summoning room. Once inside the conjuration triangle, Errwhin summoned a giant spider to fight them and quickly lost control of the creature. At about that same time Tyranis Kor was walking past the slain giant and, hearing the commotion, decided to investigate. Tyranis walked in on the spider biting one of the dwarves in half. While the spider rampaged after Tyranis, Errwhin decided that he would be able to handle the summoning spells now that he knew what to expect and summoned a fire beetle, which he promptly lost control of. With a bit of creative spell casting and a bit of luck the party was able to defeat both the dwarven guards and Errwhin’s rogue summons.

Introductions were made between Tyranis and the party, and as both were seeking weapons of the ascended gods, they decided to travel together.

Searching the guarded room revealed a magical jail cell with an unconscious elf inside. While investigating Errwhin heard a voice in his head claiming to be the elf, who introduced himself as Ryven. Errwhin, suspecting a trap, blocked the voice out. Eventually finding the mechanism to release the elf, the party loaded him onto their cart and headed for UlCyrus in the hopes that he could be revived.


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