Darkness Falls

July 5th game

Haduk had a vision that night where he was a red furred hunter running down a game trail. Ignoring the usual haunts were prey was plentiful, the hunter traveled on for a couple hours, skulked into town and reached a house. A man opened the door for the ravenous creature, who bound in and bolted up the stairs. Jumping onto the bed, the hunter ripped open a sleeping woman’s throat, but instead of eating, he ran. Sprinting out of the front door, a sharp pain hit the hunter’s shoulder, jolting Haduk out of his vision and waking him up. Morning came and the group packed up to go to town.

Upon reaching the town after the strange meeting with Therakelin, the party was accosted by the gate guards, who claimed that Errwihn was guilty of murder that happened the night before, and that he immediately come with them. Deciding that it would all work out because he was in fact inocent, Errwihn left quietly and he and Fox were locked up. The party went and stayed in an inn for the night after asking around town about the incident. It turns out that the blacksmith’s wife was murdered by a fox the night before, and a man who looked like Errwihn ran off with it after letting the fox into the house.

The house had almost nothing special about it on the outside, but the interior was grand. No common blacksmith and his wife could lead a life like this. Fine dresses and cupboards, and table settings made entirely of silver. The craftsmanship was impeccable, as said by the Half-Dwarf, and the plate at the head was razor sharp, probably to stop would be assassins.

In depth research led to suspicion being cast on a neighbor next door, whose house was locked up tight. He claimed that he saw everything, but his statement did not match the facts, so Looran broke into the house and accidentally found a trap door lever, flipping the entire floor over and just barely missing a spiked floor as he fell.


gmcarlheid spiritdrak23

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