Darkness Falls

Converging Paths

Doing the PC Shuffle

Errwihn Osis , Neyvin Tilweyn , and Tyranis Kor headed back to Varitas. Upon arriving, Tyranis left the group to continue his search for artifacts of the gods. After reporting to UlCyrus Rivin Errwihn and Neyvin prepared to depart once again for Krishnar Keep pass. As they reached the town gates a messenger approached and handed Neyvin a sealed letter. She read the letter, and then quickly excused herself without explanation and left. Alone once again, Errwihn decided to seek a mercenary to keep him safe on his journey to Krishnar.

Errwihn hired Looran, an elven mercenary from the local guild. The two of them travel south to reach Krishnar Keep, speaking very little. The mercenary was surprised when they passed a dead giant and Errwihn did not bat an eye towards the monstrosity.

Upon reaching Krishnar Keep, a large half orc stopped them at the entrance, introducing himself as Haduk grimword, a visionary that is supposed to travel with the mage in search for a blessed silver spear in order to be able to slay a summoned demon from the twisted planes who would otherwise destroy the neigh unconquerable Keep. Haduk’s drinking buddy, Venrek one of the blacksmiths for the keep, was listening to the encounter and decided that the whole affair sounded like too much fun to miss and followed them as they headed out of town. Errwihn, no longer needing the services of the mercenary Looran, released him from his contract. However, Looran was also intrigued by Haduk’s tale, and decided to remain with the group. Glad for the company, but concerned for the sanity of his new traveling companions, Errwihn quickly left the keep and headed for the location he believed to be the final tomb of Diamitriis.

A short distance outside of the keep the party encountered a group of Troglodytes that appeared to be waiting for someone or something. The troglodytes attacked the party, and the recently acquainted group had a few kinks to work out in their battle plan. Errwihn used a web to trap the Troglodytes, and the remainder of the group crept forward, unsure of how to proceed. Ultimately Venrek pulled out a torch, and Errwihn encouraged him to light the web on fire. Venrek rushed forward with the lit torch, and hurled it towards the web. The torch landed a scant 8 feet away from him, only half the distance to the web. Amidst the howls of laughter, Venrek explained that the sun was in his eyes, and his breakfast that morning had been rather greasy, so it wasn’t really his fault that the torch had slipped out before he could put his full strength behind it. Haduk quickly picked up the torch and lit the web. Ultimately the party destroyed the Troglodytes, and proceeded to the tomb.

Arriving at the location a little after noon, the party set about searching. by nightfall they had located the entrance and found the secret lever to open it. Haduk entered the dark cave and began exploring while the party secured their belongings outside. He found a room with a beautiful statue of Minara singing an ancient elven battle hymn. The remainder of the party took a different path and soon located a mangrove tree growing underground. They believed it to be the same one Diamitriis was buried under immediately following the battle for Krishnar Keep: moved to its current location at the same time as Diamitriis body. They discovered Haduk sitting next to the statue, though to all of them it was broken and singing quietly. Venrek channeled magic into the statue in an attempt to fix it, and had a great deal of energy sucked from him to restore the statue to its original state: the same statue Haduk was seeing. Once completed, the statue opened a secret door leading deeper into the tomb.

Deep under the ground, the group discovered the final resting place of Diamitriis. There was a room covered with finely woven tapestries telling the story of Diamitriis life. While admiring the craftsmanship and exploring the tapestries they noticed the distinct and deliberate absence of any mention of either the island Orisetia or the events that took place there. Uncertain what to make of it, and finding no other useful information the party prepared to leave when Looran noticed a miniature sapphire woven into the last tapestry. Closer inspection revealed it to be a magical opening into a hidden chamber. Once inside the party discovered Kinslayer and Dragon Tongue. Unsure whether to take the weapons or leave them Haduk prayed to Diamitriis for guidance. He received two visions, one of a champion of peace wielding the weapons to protect the mysterious spear wielder from his previous visions, the other of a dark mage standing over the body of the spear wielder with the weapons held up in triumph. Concerned that their opening of the tomb would reveal its location to the dark mages and bring about the second vision, Haduk took the weapons and vowed to protect them until he found the champion of justice and the spear wielder. The party then left the tomb and did their best to reseal and hide the entrance to the sacred place.

Having found one of the four locations and no treasure or spear the party decided to press on towards Nystal and then to search for Diamitriis birthplace. About a days travel from the town they were attacked by Bound Orcs. The orcs, though caught off guard by one of Errwhin’s new spells, still managed to fell Looran, Venrek, and Haduk before finally succumbing to Errwhin’s magic. Wounded and believing two of his new companions dead, Errwhin did his best to treat Haduk’s wounds before loading all three into the wagon and continuing towards the city. As Venrek lay near death he was visited by Diamitriis who granted him a second chance at life if he would promise to help Haduk keep his weapons safe. Looran was visited by Thilas, and granted a second chance at life if he vowed to help Errwhin fight against the dark mages. Both agreed and were returned to their shattered bodies.


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