Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

The Beginning

Rit Tigs and his recently hired companion, Neyvin Tilweyn, were relaxing at the Emerald Dragon Inn when a mysterious stranger entered and offered to buy everyone in the place dinner if they would listen to a business proposition. Never one to turn down a free meal, Rit agreed.

The stranger introduced himself as Quistis Burnhilt and explained that he worked for the king. He told the group that they needed a problem handled discreetly; a hedge wizard was causing increasing numbers of animals to drag civilians into the sewers. He offered 10 gold up front and 100 gold each on completion if they were able to kill the wizard and bring his head as proof.

Out of money, Rit and Neyvin agreed. Shortly after striking the deal they were attacked by a group of skeletal rats, which they dispatched with ease. The following morning they set out into the sewers where they encountered several more groups of rats, both living and un-dead, and a few other unpleasant residents. Neyvin was severely wounded on more than one occasion, keeping the party from reaching their goal for several days. Deep in the sewers they met a wererat sitting on a throne of bone and wearing a fancy purple cloak with silver symbols set into it. He introduced himself as a King, and asked about the group’s purpose. Rit told the creature that Quistis Burnhilt had offered to pay them 200 gold each to slay the hedge wizard responsible for the attacks. The rat laughed and offered double that amount to instead kill Quistis. Rit refused because the rat did not have the money on him.
After a fierce battle, Neyvin lay unconscious on the ground and the Rat was dead. Picking up the cloak and rapier the rat had used in the battle and taking his head as proof, Rit hastily retreated from the sewers and to the safety of an inn unaware that the cloak was in fact a symbol of royalty. Several people suspicious of a Halfling royal called the guards who arrested Rit and Neyvin for impersonating royalty.

Upon searching their belongings the guards discovered the head of the wererat and immediately recognized it as that of Prince Delvorin: 2nd in line for the throne. Rit told them that he was acting on the orders of Quistis Burnhilt. The guards went and found Quistis who recognized them. The group explained what had happened while under the effects of a zone of truth. Quistis agreed that the Prince had to be killed, but also that the Prince’s killers could not remain in Mournhold. Quistis confiscated all of the Prince’s belongings including the rapier (which was determined to be magical) and cloak, then deducting the cost of passage from their promised reward and instructed the guards to escort the party to the docks and put them on the first ship towards Del Gorim.


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